Tuesday, February 24, 2015

greeting cards

I'm for handwritten cards. It's partly because snail mail coming to my mailbox still excites me, but more so that I love written words. I think words of affirmation is my love language (after flowers, donuts and balloons, of course). Fitting for someone who paints words all the time, right? There's just something about seeing what someone wants to say to you, written indelibly on paper and permanent in time.

Have you ever gotten a card in the mail that brought you to tears, made you laugh or gave you a moment of pride in something you accomplished? Call me old-fashioned, but cards are what's up and I save my cards from over the years in a box at home.

I created a few card designs for Christmas and loved them so much, I made some everyday greeting cards for various occasions, complete with confetti-filled envelopes to add a little extra joy (and a lot of extra mess). If these don't sell, I've decided I will still be excited to have a lot of cards on hand when I have some words to say to a friend, family member or colleague.

I'm a card sender, a card saver and - now - a card maker. Check out my new greetings cards in my shop and send someone a bit of love soon!