Monday, July 28, 2014

The Hutchinson-To-Be's

I met Hutch going into my junior year of college. He was introduced to me as "this guy who's transferring to UGA from South Carolina" by my friends as I served them mediocre Mexican food at La Cazuela one summer evening. I probably gave him a free 32 ounce Dos XX's beer (sorry La Cazuela) and felt a sense of respect that he was getting out of gross Columbia, but otherwise didn't think much of our encounter. Over the next few weeks, however, Hutch became a staple in our group of friends. He was at every party, every football game, every get-together. And I liked his sass and sense of humor.

A few months later, we met his lady: a sweet, pretty little blonde he'd loved since high school. If you took Southern charm and bottled it up and sold it as a perfume, it would be called Morgan Peterson. (Hutch on the other hand...he'd definitely be Southern, but instead of charm I'd probably bottle up some musk, lake water and perhaps a splash of whiskey.) We quickly learned that Morgan was to assume the position in our group as the hospitable, home-cooking mother we always needed. Hutch would later (and rightfully) become known as our "Papa."

For the remainder of college, these two souls touched our lives and filled our bellies: Morgan with Pioneer Woman-inspired dishes and Papa with Bud Diesel and, you guessed it, lake water. Our group went to Mexico together for Spring Break and spent every weekend we could at Lake Oconee; every football game we were found cheering and sweating together in the stands of Sanford Stadium and downtown Athens knew us better together than apart. There weren't many times I remember not being with these two those last years in Athens and I liked it that way.

So here we are: we have all since graduated and moved away; some of us right down the road to Atlanta, others to the city that never sleeps and even some across the country. Hutch and Morgan are engaged and we're all counting down the days until their nuptials when we can reunite in magical Athens, Georgia to celebrate a love we all watched grow stronger and deeper and wider than when it first began.

Thanks for asking me to hop out of my comfort zone and take these photos, Morgan. Friends help friends grow up and I'm thankful for you. I love you two!


  1. So beautiful and sweet! This touched my heart, tears, you all hold a special place in my heart :)
    Tricia Patterson

    1. Aww thanks so much Mrs. Patterson!! I miss you!

    2. I miss you too! I hope you are doing well!