Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hot Hot Pink Table

Thinking back to the days where we had magazines instead of blogs, I remember Seventeen or some other monthly subscription of mine did a segment for a while where they redid readers' bedrooms. I would tear out page after page of my magazines, hanging or sometimes filing them away for future reference because of course my taste wouldn't change from age fourteen to twenty-something when I had my own place to decorate.

Cut to a decade and change later, one makeover in particular actually still stands out in my mind. I so desperately wanted a room redo after seeing one that had been painted light pink with hot pink and orange accents. I actually hate orange and always have (go Dawgs), but something about the hot pink and orange combo always really gets me. And then if you add gold and maybe deep purple, I just get giddy and think about Morocco and how I want to go there and wander the streets and eat all things couscous and buy a hundred star lanterns to bring back and hang in all the archways I've cut into my walls.

So that's essentially the inspiration behind my hot hot pink, sorta fuschia (or Very Berry, as Glidden calls it) painted dining room table with tiny gold feet. It's a nice pop of life and color in an otherwise mostly grey, white and neutral apartment (plus the green hutch, of course). One day I'll get around to the orange part, maybe with the chairs or a cushion, but for now I am loving the pink and gold. What do ya think, could I host a couscous dinner party?

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