Thursday, March 6, 2014

Succulent Confessions

I've done something terrible. Terrible and embarrassing, mostly. You see, I heard succulents were easiest of plants to care for when someone has one of those, you know, brown thumb things that I have. So, last summer I bought these three hanging pots from Anthro for $10 each (seen here - but don't peek just yet) and tried my hand at potting those bad boys. Well, cut to just a few months later, two of my planters were hanging dead, just filled with bone-dry soil and some pitiful, dried-up succulent once-weres.

For months I left the two pots alone, too scared to replant new succulents and too lazy to research new options. Enter Hobby Lobby. Well, I entered Hobby Lobby, that is, and came across something I didn't know existed (as you do when you visit Hobby Lobby): FAKE succulents. And super realistic-looking, in my opinion. I debated buying them for all of five minutes in the fear of how ridiculous and sad it is to have an inability to love and care for dessert plants, but I'm a realist, after all, so I walked away with some pretty fake guys and about $10 less in my wallet.

So here's the true test: can you tell - without examining my June post - which two pots are totally fake?


  1. I guess 1 and 3 for being fake! Although I would have never known if you didn't give the heads up. And don't feel bad- I totally killed a succulent, too. :) Love your arrangement!

  2. I guess 2 is real - but I also agree that I wouldn't know they were fake unless you told me. I feel your pain with succulents! I killed my first batch by planting them all in just small pebbles (it was pretty). Turns out they like soil + the small pebbles. And now most of my succulents (about 20) are all stretched out because they haven't gotten enough sun during the winter :( I think they have a really hard time in the humid south. I have propagated a about 10 leaves though! We will see if they actually survive into adulthood. Please share any success stories with succulents...or maybe we'll all have to give in to the fake ones!

    1. You're right! I should stick a fake one in there and throw people off :) Yeah I unfortunately have no tips for you...I think I might be a convert. However, I do have two other planters that are alive and well - they are RIGHT in a window, so that must be the trick...?