Monday, March 10, 2014

Glass Cloche Inspiration

I came across a glass cloche at Hobby Lobby and scooped it up because it was under $15 and in all my past cloche searches (there are many), I haven't seen one under $50 typically. The wood base isn't the prettiest, but that can be changed. It's currently sitting on my dresser empty, but I've been trying to decide on what I want to put in it for the long term. I like the idea of hanging something from the inside that dangles down and live plants are also at the top of my list, but I'm scared of killing them. Here are a few pretty things that are currently inspiring me.

birds - DIY geometric shapes on sticks 

giraffe or other small animal figures - delicate butterflies

hanging vintage bells - a cluster of dried lavender or other dried florals

DIY dangling chimes or strands of beads - moss & plants

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