Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Custom Save the Dates

My friend Trish is getting married this year and asked my roommate and me to help out with some of the styling and design elements. Agreeing to help was a no-brainer because we both love Trish, for one, and secondly, we both live for this kind of stuff.

Trish's wedding is in her hometown of Sag Harbor, NY and she wanted the invitation to have a beachy-watery-Sag-Harbor sort of feel. We decided on using a postcard since it's a destination wedding (for most of the guests, at least) and postcards just scream travel, right? As an added bonus, this method eliminated the need for envelopes, making the whole project much more cost efficient.

I received my postcard in the mail a few weeks ago and was really excited to see how it turned out! The poor little gal got a tad beat up on her way here, but if you can look past the scratches and nicks, she's quite pretty.

Note: The photo we used is from Google images. I wish I could credit it, but as it goes I couldn't find the direct source. Trish had these printed at Overnight Prints and I think they did a great job - they even mailed her a packet of samples beforehand so she could see the quality upfront. 

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