Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crafts For My Cause

Did I mention I'm going on a nine-day mission trip to Kenya this April? Ah, yes - I did here. And about four times on Facebook and maybe a hundred times in passing to any and everyone. Unbeknownst to even some of my closest friends, a mission trip for me has been a long time coming. It started back in high school when a missionary from Ukraine spoke to my high school youth group. Amidst her stories of the children she served so lovingly and faithfully and selflessly, a fire was lit in me that was insatiable until I could finally find the time and resources to sign up for a trip myself. This took years. Not to date myself (ahem), but it's been, oh, you know...ten years at least. But I'm doing it! I am finally taking the long awaited first step towards fulfilling a lifelong dream.

And I am not doing it alone! I am beyond fortunate to have a far-reaching support network of loved ones standing behind me both prayerfully and financially. I am so appreciative for all of you who have so generously given!

To aid in my fundraising progress, I am (slowly but surely) re-opening my trusty old Etsy shop! So far, I have listed just a handful of hand watercolored greeting cards and a few pin-on flowers, but my hope is that I will have lots more gift wrapping goodies and perhaps some classic Flowers are Lovely headbands and bows and barrettes. They aren't priced out of this world, so it will be a small contribution to my cause at best, but it's something!

I'm also taking custom orders if you feel so inclined. Happy shopping!

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