Monday, August 5, 2013

Rather Be

I'm reading a book that references the above quote by George MacDonald and it got me thinking. I personally spend an awful lot of time focusing on what or who I'm not, abilities I don't have, attributes I don't on and so forth. I quickly and easily get caught up in the comparison trap, and who's to blame me with all this social media at my fingertips telling me how everyone else is living, giving me a glimpse into the highlight reels of their perfectly curated lives? I know I'm guilty of it, too; I don't post stories about a particularly stressful day or blog photos of my failures (ok, except maybe these two times, here and here).

All that aside, this quote sheds light on a new way of thinking: that at the end of the day, the creator of our universe took the time to create me. He put thought into exactly who I am. He meant for me to be just as I am. So maybe instead of always "rather being" someone else or something different or some other way, I will remember this new way of thought and strive to rather be myself, since I was deliberately made this way by the same God who individually placed each star in the sky.

How's that for your Monday?

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