Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Bowtie

Ever since I first started making hair bows and barrettes and headbands of all kinds, I've felt a twang of guilt that I have nothing to offer the boys in my life. It was always my intention to eventually make some clip-on bowties for my nephew, but life caught up to me as it tends to do and I never got around to it.

Cut to a few weeks ago when I learned my good friend Angela was going to welcome a little boy in September, I knew I had to get on it for her baby shower. While registry gifts are of course important and necessary, I always like to include something unique and handmade with my gifts as well. I had this silky navy scarf with yellow and green giraffes and it made for a perfect attachment to a plain and simple onesie.

Congratulations, Angela! I can't wait to meet Little Mr. Hudson!
P.S. Isn't the cake Angela's friend made adorable?! No one wanted to cut it because it was too cute!

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