Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Necklace Organization

Truth be told, organization doesn't exactly come naturally to me. I have to seek out ways to force myself to keep things in their place and even then I struggle with it. Case in point, a few years ago I made a necklace hanger to try and prevent my necklaces from sitting in a permanent lump on the bathroom counter. The design was good in theory, but there were a few areas I knew I could improve upon and I had been meaning to make another to support my ever-growing collection of necklaces. Finally this weekend, I did just that.

Use a sawtooth hanger (or two) for better stability. I originally used wire hooks, but the necklaces were heavy and pulled the piece forward.

These pretty and intricate knobs may look Anthropologie-worthy, but fun fact: Hobby Lobby carries many of the same ones for half the starting price (bonus: the entire selection is often 50%).

On the first piece, I (my dad) shortened the knobs, drilled into the wood (again, my dad) and secured each with a nut. For this one, I (myself) used my trusty hacksaw to cut and remove the entire screw and used a strong glue to attach them to the wood.

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