Monday, June 10, 2013

Painted Table Runner DIY

Suddenly it became the white elephant in the apartment: the dining room table needed a change. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't that my roommate and I didn't still love the placemats I made last year (they match the bench cushion, after all). In fact, I like the placemats and welcome the protection they offer to our ever-so-scratchable wooden table. But alas, we had gotten a bit desperate for a fresh dining room table look.

We reviewed our options. A tablecloth seemed too big of a commitment, what with its full coverage and bold statement, and more placemats were ruled out. And so I got it in my mind that what we needed was a table runner. But not just any table runner. I specifically wanted a painted one.

After many half-hearted attempts and subsequent failures to buy fabric or even a tablecloth I could cut down to size, sew up and paint to my liking, I came home Friday after work and began rummaging in my collection of remnant shreds.

To my surprise, I found a large Oklahoma-shaped piece leftover from the placements. I cut it up into three large rectangles and two narrow rectangles to piece together for a runner almost long enough for the table. To get the extra length I needed, I used two more scraps I had that were a dark tan. I wasn't too worried about the mismatch because I knew I would be painting this bad boy.

Did I measure anything? No. Is it a little crooked? Yes. Fortunately, most people aren't as keenly aware of things like this as I am, and I decided I can live with that. Once the runner was sewn, I used painters' tape to mark off where I would paint my stripes using - not surprisingly - my Martha Stewart gold and silver paints. I have gotten more use out of those paints than anything in my life, I'll tell you what. (See hereherehere and here for just a few examples.)

I painted the stripes at varying widths and then started painting some with a messy look for added depth  (depth: I'm so artsy). The best part? I had everything but the tape, so this table runner cost no more than $3.50 to make.

And now the placemats may rest.

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