Monday, June 3, 2013

Meal (Not)Planning

What I failed to mention last week when talking about my weakness for cheese was the other dilemma I face when out and about at the farmers' market, which is buying things in excess, unnecessarily. I tend to steer away from lists when grocery shopping unless I have specific meal ideas in mind (unlikely), a practice that proves challenging time and time again, never working in my favor. I'll walk in bright-eyed and busy-tailed with plans to "shop light" and "only buy the things I need," of course those things unbeknownst to me because I didn't make a list.

This results in an array of emotions among the aisles and aisles of produce. This time specifically, it went a little like this: Corn is in season! Fresh herbs will do! And of course I need these Brussels sprouts even though I've never made them! Plus I always buy lemons and limes (why?) or various citrus fruits. An hour later I'll walk out, bags overflowing with produce and dreams of full course meals throughout the week.

And this is just where I found myself this week: somewhere in between some fresh sprigs of thyme, leftover basil and Brussels sprouts enough for one (not to mention about eight pounds of grapefruit, six oranges and two mushy ears of corn, a handful of green beans and a head of broccoli). In the window of opportunity before everything went bad, I was able to pull together some quick dishes:

Baked chicken with lemon, olive oil and and thyme on top of pasta with Parmesan cheese
Brussels sprouts baked on a stone with olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt
Lemonade with fresh basil

In the end, at least some of my loot was salvaged, but seriously, how do people meal plan and shop accordingly? I'd love to know.

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