Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Broken Glass Hanging Planter DIY

This broken glass was too pretty to throw away and has therefore been sitting idly by as I brainstormed ways to use it. During my hanging succulent project last weekend, I had an extra little guy left over that would fit perfectly in the glass. The only thing standing in the way was a solution to hang or suspend the glass in some way. 

My first effort to tie together or weave twine into a sort of basket failed, so I grabbed some jewelry wire and started twisting with the same end goal in mind. Once I had enough twisted wires that the glass felt secure, I hot glued a circle of felt over the bottom to cover the broken part as well as hold the wire in place.

Lastly, I strung some wire from the "basket" part, tapped a nail into our kitchen window pane and hung  my little guy for all to see.

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