Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips

 I used to hate peanut butter. I talked about it here, though disguised it as a mild dislike so as to not offend the PB die-hards (believe me, they exist). But then I met peanut butter brownies and thought, "Well ok, I could get used to this." And then I tried peanut butter and banana toast in the morning for a brief stint, and that was nice.

Now here we are, at a point in my life where it seems various peanut butter-infused cookie recipes are popping up all around me on blogs and in magazines and I can no longer ignore it. I think many of us have been scarred - jaded, even - by the likes of these boring ol' things that we all know too well with their generally stale exterior decorated neatly with little fork prints on top. You know what I mean: the cookies that get left behind at the grocery store sample station or in the mixed box someone brings to a party (a cookie party is my kind of party).

But these ones are different! They have a chocolate base with peanut butter chips, aka baby steps for a recent peanut butter convert who, let's be honest, will try anything in cookie form. Plus sea salt on top? Just when you thought your cookie was the sweetest little thing, it hits you. Salt is such a dear friend.

Recipe notes: I misread the recipe and forgot to buy dark chocolate chips, so I omitted those and upped the cocoa powder by a teensy bit (not too much or I was afraid it would dry out the batter). Secondly, someone once told me that butterscotch chips are "the same" as peanut butter chips. I whole-heartedly disagree and used Reese's brand peanut butter chips, which in my opinion are the best, as evident by the fact that I only had left the one cup needed for the recipe by the time I got home from the store. Those pups are dangerously good for snacking. I cooked these for 11 minutes and they came out fudgy and delicious.

Overall, I really liked these cookies. Perhaps I'll try these next, but that's contingent upon my taste buds agreeing with peanut butter for a little while longer.

Oh! And these make for a cute little gift when wrapped in some craft paper.

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