Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Paint It: Shale & Silver Whiteboard

My friend Danielle gave me this whiteboard in college after I noted aloud how much I liked the one she had in her apartment. Don't you love friends like that? They are the best, most thoughtful gift givers (shout out to my favorite PharmDawg!). This board has served me well over the years, but I've been toying lately with the idea of changing up the colors for a lighter, fresher look.

And so I bring you a new installment in the "Just Paint It" series. Really, what can't a good coat of paint (or two or three or nine) fix? Nothing, folks.

I grabbed a small sample of Martha Stewart paint in shale, the silver paint I used on these guys and got to work. I removed the hooks and did two-three coats of the shale color with a sponge brush, then sprayed generously with a clear gloss because the paint didn't seem to be sticking to the slick black surface of the whiteboard. When I got to the silver part, I used tape on the edges where I wanted silver - which I only half recommend. In some areas where I got a good, full coverage of clear gloss spray, it was fine. In other less-fortunate areas where the gloss was light, the tape ripped up the shale paint and I had to go back with a few more coats. Just being honest here:  sometimes these projects don't go how you planned, but don't fret and keep going.

After painting the silver, I sprayed the entire piece with clear gloss again. Fair warning: definitely cover your whiteboard with paper because the gloss can get sticky and will affect the marker erase-ability later on, though I found the gloss to remove easily with some nail polish remover.

I ended up removing the corkboard section because we don't use it and I like the idea of more space for writing our ever-growing collection of bills and to-do's (which is what we use this board for 99% of the time).

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