Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Hair Ties

Today I bring to you the easiest, most inexpensive DIY of my life...and just in time for Mother's Day! These are great little gifts for the gals, moms and kiddos in your life. I like to mix a few fun colors (or Bulldog colors, right?!) and package them up all pretty before dishing them out. You can make headbands, too!

But let's back-up a bit. I started eyeing these hair ties the moment they hit Anthropologie's shelves, though I have since been told they originated from the hands of some designer whose name now escapes me (it's rumored that she hand-dyes them). My roommate and I both exchanged a set of five at Christmas because spending $12 on a few hair ties for someone else is a little more settling than buying them for oneself (that's $2.40 each!! for some elastic!!).

In looking at them, they seemed easy enough to make, and that was my ultimate goal in the months that followed. But as life goes, I got busy (or lazy, rather), and failed to find out what kind of elastic to use. A quick Google search or trip to a fabric store would have been an easy remedy, but I just sat as the months disappeared behind me as they so often do.

And a few weeks ago right at the moment in which I could have easily moved on, a friend posted a photo on Instagram proclaiming that she had just purchased some "fold over elastic" on Etsy to make - you guessed it - hair ties. Thirty-three dollars, fifty-five yards and a few days later, I had a package* on my doorstep and some hair ties to make.

Here's how:

All you need for this project is some 5/8" foldover elastic, a pair of scissors and a lighter (or match if you're old school and don't mind burning your fingers a bit).

Measure and cut strips of elastic about 7" long. You can do longer or shorter depending on hair thickness, but this length seems to be just right for 2 loose or 3 tight wraps around my medium-thickness hair. For glitter ties, I have found that the elastic isn't quite as stretchy, so I add half an inch of so on those. For headbands, I would use anywhere from 18-20 inches.

Tie the ends together and trim if needed.

Lightly burn the ends to melt and prevent fraying. Voilà!

*I bought all my elastic on Etsy from a seller called Fleuiste and afterwards learned they have a Fleuriste Supplies website that's much easier to use. I highly recommend this seller because of the wide selection, efficient pricing and SUPER fast shipping! If you're in a pinch for time, JoAnn's has a smaller selection (just make sure it's 5/8" - some look closer to 1").

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