Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bathroom: Repainted (Before & After)

Our beloved apartment came with some boring walls, painted mostly in builder browns and deep tans. Fortunately, it also came with a landlord willing to let us paint - and paint we did. Before we moved in, we first took care of the living room and my bedroom (both seen here).

After a year of thinking my bathroom could stand a redo, I finally got around to it a few weekends ago. I didn't stop at the walls, though: I replaced the shower curtain (after a botched dye job to the last one - oops) and refreshed my stock of towels since most were from college.

I used the leftover paint from my bedroom, but lightened it a touch - which I do not recommend, and neither did the woman at Home Depot who advised us against this for reasons not obvious at the time, until I ran out of said leftover paint and had no idea how much lighter it needed to be for the next batch needed to cover about three feet of unpainted wall. We got it to match somehow, so it looks fine. Live and learn?

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