Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Making of a Gallery Wall (Again), Part I

I am a big fan of gallery walls, especially ones that feature a variety of colors, textures and shapes. Since the gallery wall I was planning in my room never worked out, the next best place seemed to be our living room. For months now, my roommate and I have slowly but surely been adding (and sometimes taking away) to the wall behind our couch in hopes that one of these days, we will have a completed gallery wall.

I think we're almost there - we only have a few open spots! Throughout the process, we have often found ourselves with nothing to frame or hang, so we've taken to some creative alternatives. Here's a current list of what lives on our wall with some photos below. Once everything is up, I'll share more photos of the finished wall...but it could be a few more weeks at this rate.

Cardboard deer, spray painted a sort of metallic shimmer (smaller version can be found here - our's is quite large gigantic)
Elvis silhouette made by yours truly (in case you haven't heard, my roommate is sort of a fan)
Photo of the UGA arch
Dried Farmers' Market flowers in a thrift store frame
Set of 3 metal crosses
Vintage Washington DC postcards I found at an antique store years ago

Framed tile my sister bought on eBay years ago
Gold glitter-dipped feather shadowbox
Papier-mâché fox head
Pencil sketch of my roommate's horse 
in a thrift store frame
Giant mirror from Anthropologie (I can't find the exact one, but here are some more cool ones - I especially like this one)

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