Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Camping

Ryan + Ryan swinging and getting major air...there are so many Ryans

When I was younger, my (then) family of six used to pack up the family van and head to Tallulah Falls to camp for a long weekend. Susie and I were younger, so we'd lay the back seats down and sleep the entire ride. It was a family staple for years, and my parents even named a pet dog after our beloved campgrounds.

During college, Susie vowed to keep the tradition alive and mandated "sister camping weekends" for several years. The last I can remember ended with a tent blown to the ground by some mighty winds, a burning chair (tailgate chairs are flammable, y'all!) and some restless pups. Plus I vividly remember sleeping on cold, wet ground because it had poured right before we setup the tent, but Susie was adamant that we were not leaving (older sisters are the bossiest).

This weekend was the first time I went camping without Susie, now that I'm all grown up I suppose. Ryan and I had been talking about going camping for months, and a few friends agreed to take an impromptu trip to Lake Lanier. With a pit stop at Praise the Lard BBQ, we were off!

Though I don't have any camping supplies to my name, I am fortunate enough to have Ryan, who decided to "invest" in some new gear with the promise that I'll go on more trips. And I'll agree to that so long as I get s'mores, hot dogs and some campfire games.

*Anyone in the market for some fishing bait, this is the one pictured above.

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