Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guac in a Glass

I thought of something really cute the other day, but Ryan was the only one there to witness it and if I'm being perfectly honest, he didn't seem to full appreciate it (boys), so I decided I needed to share it in a central location. It's really nothing too special, and honestly it just makes me wonder why I've never done this before.

Guacamole in margarita glasses, y'all. Ok, these are not margarita glasses per se, but they're Latin-food-inspired drinkware if you see where I'm going with this. It just looked pretty. And putting something that should go in a bowl is such a novelty, y'know?

And then I just kept going and made my own chips for the dippin'. The corn ones were surprisingly blasé if I do say so myself, while the flour tortilla chips were better (use lots of salt). They were super easy to make - just cut come tortillas and fry 'em up in some extra hot vegetable oil.

Here's a quick trick if you're looking to replicate: don't mix the guacamole in the glass. Instead, spoon that guacy goodness into the glass once it's ready to be served or else the sides will look messy.

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