Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicken Fajita Salad

Salads have become somewhat of a point of contention between my appetite and myself lately. Generally speaking, I'm all about a bed of greens, some fresh, raw veggies, a protein or two and some dressing to top it off. But these days, I seem to be in a salad rut where all my mixings are monotonous and my dressing is dull.

Enter this salad from Iowa Girl Eats. It's loaded with greens, the fajita chicken has a little kick (ok, unless you're a regular spicy-foods-eater, in which case you probably won't notice or be impressed) and the dressing - oh, the dressing. If I could bottle up this cilantro-lime vinaigrette and marinate my soul in its fiesta-worthy goodness...I would, ok? It's that good. And I've made a few homemade dressings in my day, you know.

And did I mention there's avocado? And cilantro? Lots of cilantro. I'm no nutritionist, but I imagine anything with this much green in it probably means good things. I do hope you'll try this recipe and break through the chains of yesterday's salad. And let me know when you do so we can have a salad party. I'll make pom-poms and hats.

Recipe notes: I used spring/spinach mix, upped the avocado, skipped the zucchini/pepper/onion step and substituted a mix of black beans with frozen peppers and onions. I also only measured the cilantro with my eyeballs, which generally results in a substantial increase from what the recipe asks. Let's just say I didn't hate it.

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