Monday, April 8, 2013

Build Your Own Barrette

I've been wearing my hair pulled back in some manner a lot more frequently as of late, which has begun a personal quest to look for clips and pins and ties anywhere I go to grow my collection. As with many of my projects around here, these barrettes were inspired by something I saw at Anthropologie while perusing the store a few weeks ago. The ones they had for sale were right up my alley, but $18 for three sets was not. And to top it off, I didn't really need two of each one since I only wear one at a time.

Upon closer examination, the barrettes looked super easy to replicate, which of course led me to JoAnn's this weekend where I picked up some choice supplies and then got to work on Sunday afternoon.

What you'll need:
-clips/barrettes of some kind
-plain, flat ribbon
-decorative ribbon
-acrylic paint/paint brush
-hot glue
-needle and thread, optional

Cut the plain ribbon to the size of the barrette and use hot glue to attach it to the barrette. (You could buy a variety of colors of ribbon for this step, but I chose to use white and paint it with some acrylic paint since you hardly use any ribbon and would have a ton leftover.)

From here, you can attach sequins/beads with hot glue, or glue down a piece of the decorative ribbon. You can also sew the sequins and beads onto the ribbon before gluing, but I found gluing to be the most effective and it's a lot quicker.

I did several variations:
-layer multiple colors of sequins + small pearl beads
-plain version with just the gold decorative ribbon
-large, flat beads
-sequin string + line of ombré beads

There are all sort of combinations you can do - and I'm kicking myself for not looking at other "fancy" ribbons as well. Bottom line: these are really easy, and it's more fun to design your own than buy the ones form Anthro in my opinion!

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