Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Beads

Though the weather lately seems to disagree, spring is finally here! Foolishly and regretfully, I put away my winter clothes amidst the middle of our first (any only) 70+ degree weekend. The untimely decision has left me shivering in unseasonably bright blazers and silk tops, but if someone doesn't boycott sister winter, she might stick around even longer.

While my clothes might contradict the weather, I don't think a springy necklace is ever the wrong answer. I bought some beads a few weeks ago and finally got around to stringing them last weekend. I really like the finished product, even though the backing I fashioned is slightly...suspect. As it turns out, I also like pairing bold colors together any chance I get.

I ended up wearing this on Sunday when I saw my niece who kept grabbing it and saying, "I like your neck-ace" over and over. And she is one harsh critic, let me tell you.

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