Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Lilly

When you're into making hair pieces and have a niece that refuses to leave any clip, bow or band in her hair, you tend to begin searching for other outlets to sport your craft. I had been threatening Ryan for a few weeks that I was going to flower-clip his dog, but it wasn't until we had a beautiful, 74 degree spring weekend two weeks ago that I actually followed through.

I borrowed Lilly for the day but before heading to the park, I sewed her a fancy floral for those curly over-sized Cocker Spaniel ears. Not surprisingly, she was the talk of Piedmont Park. That little lady strutted around the dog park, accepting compliments left and right.

Now, I'm not one to stop a good thing, so for Easter I've put together quite a piece for my Ryan's girl - but this one bigger and better. And while I was at it, I made a clip for my niece because a proud aunt can dream, right? If I can manage to get photos of either creature wearing their piece, I'll be sure to capture them immediately.

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