Sunday, February 10, 2013

I want to go to there: Dusseldorf & Köln Germany

 photo IMG_2864_zpseea92467.jpg

Somehow over the last few months, I completely failed to post about Germany. Many of these photos were perfect for Christmas, but the season got to me and I missed my opportunity.

Anyway, here are some photos from my trip to Germany last November (whaaat?!). Some of my favorite German things were pretzels, bratwurst and sugary desserts (naturally) and the Christmas markets were beautiful and a lot of fun, despite the cold and sometimes rainy weather while we were there.

 photo IMG_2867_zpse6f4f28c.jpg
 photo IMG_2798_zps469cdef2.jpg
 photo IMG_2809_zpsa7fefec5.jpg
 photo IMG_2834_zpsf10ddb0e.jpg
 photo IMG_2888_zps70ac7e0d.jpg  photo IMG_2899_zpsab1a2bab.jpg
 photo IMG_2889_zps04c438aa.jpg
 photo germany_pretzel_zps7b52894c.jpg photo IMG_2945_zps1605b3ed.jpg
 photo IMG_3156_zps8e8dc96b.jpg
 photo IMG_3153_zps09659edc.jpg
 photo IMG_3040_zpsc6666254.jpg
 photo IMG_2967_zpsbe885a1f.jpg  photo IMG_2954_zpsb6941ea9.jpg
 photo IMG_3020_zps2bffb6ca.jpg
 photo IMG_3166_zpsd5319e08.jpg photo IMG_2996_zpsef1851f0.jpg  photo IMG_3008_zps9cc5a09e.jpg
 photo IMG_3178_zps91f3aef5.jpg

 photo IMG_3048_zpsae065a37.jpg photo IMG_3082_zps394d07e0.jpg photo IMG_3111_zps884e7dd9.jpg

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