Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY Star Crayons

 photo IMG_3852_zps12132dab.jpg

I've been seeing these chubby crayons around for a while and finally tried my hand at them for some kiddos this Christmas (my darling niece included). These are incredibly easy and really all you need are crayons (I threw in some glittery and shimmery metallic ones along with regular), a silicone baking mold and an oven. And maybe some glitter for good measure.

The most time-consuming part of this was peeling the crayons. The actual baking part only takes 10-15 minutes on 225 degrees. I found putting the mold directly into the freezer after removing from the oven made the hardening time go by much faster.

Once you're done, tie a stack of crayons together with some twine or ribbon and you're ready to go! (Side note, don't use the mold for baking edible goods once you've made these crayons.)

 photo crayons_1_zps36a3c78e.jpg
 photo crayons_2_zps9a20c651.jpg
 photo crayons_3_zps6f11d535.jpg
 photo IMG_3782_zps67aaba54.jpg  photo IMG_3777_zps837894f5.jpg  photo IMG_3786_zpsab247340.jpg  photo IMG_3788_zps090d2491.jpg

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