Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Flower Wreath for Spring

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am just clamoring over here for spring to start. Really, there are few things I like more than the time between a cold winter and the stark humidity of an Atlanta summer. Even though Sister Spring technically won't be showing her face for another month and some change, I decided to get a jump start on decorating with this DIY flower wreath. It may still be cold outside, but at least when I walk through my front door I can pretend.

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What you'll need:

Wooden wreath
A few bunches of silk flowers (I used two types of flowers, one bunch of each)
Twine or another fabrics (strips of burlap could also work)
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters

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Decide how you want the wreath to hang and tie a piece of twine to mark it so you have a point of reference while you're adding the flowers.

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Cut your silk flowers to individual stems/branches to prepare for decorating the wreath.

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Tie another piece of twine where you want to put the flowers.

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Tightly wrap the twine around the wreath. I covered about a third of the wreath on the bottom right, but you could also do a top section and depending on how much you want to show, you could do more.

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Start sticking flower stems of your first flower variety into the twine and laying them out where they look best.

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Once you decided where you want most of your flowers, hot glue spots of the stems to the wreath and press them down for a few seconds before letting go. You don't need a lot of glue or the flowers won't sit as nicely/naturally on the wreath.

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I used twine to tie down some of the flowers while they dried. Once the purple flowers were dry, I started with the white on top along with some individual sections of leaves.

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Tie a small piece of twine where you marked the top earlier for hanging the wreath. I ended up moving mine a bit from where I  originally marked based on how the flowers were laying.

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The back actually looks really pretty if you want to flip it!

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Finished wreath!

Happy (almost) spring, y'all.

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