Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cookie Cake Baking Tips

It appears to be baking week here on Flowers are Lovely, but rest assured, my lovelies: I'll be back to my irregular, arbitrary posting shortly.

Cookie cakes are one of those things I don't think should be left to children's birthday parties. To be fair, I have a similar view on most things usually considered "childish" and instead embrace youthfulness on the reg. But really, I'd love to meet the person who can't appreciate a good cookie cake every once in a while (or more).

Now, Great American Cookie makes a mean cookie cake, but it costs a pretty penny. I've made a few cookie cakes in my day and thought I'd share some tips. Besides, there are plenty of benefits to making your own cookie cake, like the luxury of picking your own mix-ins (chips and chunks and M&M's oh my!) and frosting at your own discretion.


-I really like this recipe. I don't know what it is, but it works great for cookie cakes.

-Don't ask my why, but I prefer to use semisweet chocolate chunks instead of chips when I can find them (which isn't often for some reason or another). And actually, I do a mix of chunks and mini chips. I just like it, ok? Ok.

-Rolling pins are your friend when it comes to cookie cakes, but fair warning that the dough will stick to the pin. You can place a piece of parchment on top of the dough to combat some of this, but I usually just rub a bit of flour on my pin like when rolling out pizza dough. Not too much, though, because you don't want the dough to dry out.

-Use baking parchment paper and a baking stone. Pre-heat your baking stone so it's hot when you place the paper and cake on top.

-Unless you're very clever and talented, you probably aren't going to get the loveliest of edges on your cake. You can trim the edges after baking if you want, but why waste cookie cake? is what I always say (P.S. as if you wouldn't eat the cut-off edges while standing over the kitchen sink, am I right or am I right?).

-When it comes to icing the cookie cake, I go with a simple approach instead of the fussy you'll-need-five-different-frosting-tips-and-bags-and-food-coloring approach. If you're into that, I applaud you. I, for one, do not have the know-how or patience-to-learn-the-how, for that matter.

Any way you choose, the end product will be delicious so don't worry your pretty little heads. Also, I put about zero effort into making it pretty, as evident below. Now go celebrate something - anything! - and make yourself a cookie cake.

Look, you can make mini guys, too! (It's bigger than a regular cookie, y'all - work with me here.)

See what I mean about little to no decorating effort?

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