Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Christmas: Holiday Snow Globes

Let's go ahead and set the record straight: these are not really snow globes. I only call them that because Anthropologie calls them that and to call them "terrariums" instead felt wrong since there's nothing living inside. Whatever the case, I saw them a few weeks ago when Anthro put out all their holiday goods, coincidentally at the same time that my roommate and I were on our bimonthly trip to peruse and feel inspired.

As you can imagine, I love holiday crafts. This is my favorite time of year not only because of the reason for the season, but selfishly because I love the decorations! I have a lot of crafts working simultaneously right now and plan to be DIY-ing right up until Christmas. (I'll be sharing everything here, too!)

These were very easy to make and really the sky's the limit with what you can put inside: pinecones, mini trees, teeny Christmas balls, mini ornaments, fake snow. Plus, the more glitter the merrier is what I always say.

What you'll need:
-mini jars, mason jars - anything with a lid, really (I found mine at Goodwill for about $1 each)
-garland, pine cones, pine needles, glitter, etc.
-wire cutters
-hot glue gun

In total, this project cost me under $8 and took maybe 30 minutes to complete all three. I think it'd be fun to find some pinecones and spray paint/glitter them as well - but I really couldn't be bothered with that this time around.

I cut down the garland pieces with the wire cutters and just shaped them until they fit into the lid. I had to keep checking the height of everything to ensure they'd fit in the jars (harder than it looks!). I also used twine in some places to tie together pieces of garland. Everything is hot glued to the lid and then the lid is just twisted on (in case I want to make changes later).

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