Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY Glitter Feather Shadow Box

My flight to Amsterdam has been pushed to Saturday (oh, the joys of a buddy pass!), but I'm totally all right with it because between work and needing to pack, there was almost no way I was going to be ready on Friday morning unless I forwent sleep. If you've met me when I'm tired or hangry, you'll know this isn't a viable option for those around me.

So. Of course it made sense for me to finish this DIY project last night instead of getting a head start on packing or, you know, sleeping since I went into work at 7AM yesterday thinking I wouldn't be there most of Friday.

Anyway, I don't know if I've mentioned on here how I sort of hate Pinterest, but inspiration for these glitter feathers - I'm ashamed to say - came from my roommate's Pinterest. It's not that I don't recognize that there are great ideas and creativity flowing across the millions of boards out there, but I just feel like it almost kills (my) creativity to a degree. It's almost like it's too easy to come up with ideas. Granted, I'm probably contradicting myself here since I have vocalized on many occasions that many of my ideas are "borrowed" from one place or another, but bottom line is I just strongly dislike Pinterest and as of a few months ago am no longer a member.

This was a really easy project after I messed up the first version and subsequently learned that dipping > brushing when it comes to feathers. I had the paint, glitter and fabric (naturally), so really I just had to buy the shadow box frame and feathers. While I normally look to my sister for all my custom framing needs, she's currently in the throes of the holiday season and I didn't want to get in line to have these framed. I purchased the frame at Michael's where it was 40% off already and then used another 25% off coupon. With two packages of feathers (2 per package), my total was around $18. Not too shabby.

Second round of feathers after I messed up the first batch (I repeat: dip, don't brush) - these ones had black dip-dyed tips but the gold paint covered over it nicely

This paint and I have been through a lot together, as evident herehere and here to name a few

Dip! Dip I tell you! And then smooth with your fingers so it's even, being careful not to spread the feathers apart (see a few photos below to get an idea of what not to do)

Glitter blast immediately

Like, a lot of glitter - you can never have too much glitter, in my ever so humble opinion

I decided the felt, velcro-ready mat that came with the frame wasn't going to work for me, so I pulled out some fabric scraps from the pillows I made, ironed it and covered the back of the frame the shottiest way possible. Look, I'm not proud of how this looks on the back end. As someone whose sister owns a frame shop and who herself worked in said frame shop for several years in high school, I really know better. But hey, whatever works, right? The backing was too thin to use the staple gun, as I noticed a little too late when a staple sort of (ok, definitely) went through and lightly punctured the table underneath. The tape may not look pretty on the back, but it worked.

Feather #3 pictured here is what happens when you brush, not dip. I don't hate it and actually considered this layout for the final product, but it would have been a tight squeeze and I generally prefer odd numbers. 

Finished piece hanging on the wall - this is part of a larger gallery wall project that I'll be sharing in bits and pieces here on Flowers are Lovely until it's finished.


  1. Hey, wasn't expecting to like this but once they're framed and on the wall they look pretty darned cool.. great job! :)

  2. How did you get the feathers to stay on the board?

    1. Hey Kelsey! I used some hot glue on the hard bottom part of the flower and some on the top behind the part I glittered. You could also sew a tight stitch around the bottom if your backing isn't too thick to get a needle through. :) Hope this helps!

    2. By flower, I meant feather!