Monday, October 8, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week Two

If I followed the rhyming scheme that I used for week one, this would be "Week Two: Boooo." But let's not harp on the negative for too long.

Monday, of course, was my day off, but by Monday night, I started feeling a bit under the weather and on Tuesday morning, I was full-on sick. My chest was congested, my throat was scratchy and my body was exhausted. Needless to say, I skipped my first run on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I made a terrible, terrible decision and laced up my Nike's and headed out for a three-miler. How wrong I was. I ran a mile out from my apartment before what felt like a feverish train hit me and despite the cool evening, I was hot-but-also-cold-but-mostly-clammy and sweating. (Mmmm.)

All day Thursday I had a low grade fever that kept me tired and mostly bed-ridden, save for a few work assignments and a trip to get Chick-fil-A chicken noodle soup, orange juice and popsicles (ok, and donuts...and chips), then the cold migrated more to my head and for the remainder of the weekend I was basically stuffy and worthless.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that missing a full week only two weeks in was a little disappointing and I was pretty frustrated at the thought of going backwards so early in my training. It would be is easy to get down when things like this happen; however, if certain things in my life have taught me anything, it's this: I am severely blessed. Sure, I spent the better part of a week hacking and sneezing and sleeping then waking up and wondering why NyQuil refuses to work for me, but tomorrow I can - and will - get back out there and go for a run. (But listen to me, Season, I feel like I have paid my dues...)

As far as I'm concerned, every single day I wake up, have two working legs, am not in a hospital, my sickness is neither chronic nor life-threatening and all my loved ones are safe and healthy... really, who am I to complain? (Friends, please feel free to remind me of this if when I complain.)

Yes, I'll have to work harder this week. But it could always be worse. And usually, it is infinitely better.

Just some food for thought. Now get out and run, people - fall is here!


  1. Ironically I'm reading this while eating chicken noodle soup and sipping on ginger ale at my desk (not feeling so hot either), hating on myself for my less-than-stellar x-train sesh this morning. This totally hit home- so, so true, thanks Lucy!

    1. Get well soon my little Truax! Trust me...working out when sick was the WORST idea I've ever had. Well, after wearing a dress with pants freshman year...obviously.