Monday, October 15, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week Three

Does the gal in turquoise on the far left look familiar? Circa 2002
Photo borrowed from an old Irish dance friend

After a week of fevers and coughing, a few runs will do the body good. I may be getting shin splints and might have a very sore left hamstring (what gives?), but I made it through all my runs! Well, give or take a mile on the long run (oops/ouch). But enough about running. I'd like to discuss something very near and dear to my heart: dancing.

I realized this week that I really miss dance. For those that aren't aware (and how could you not be - I only drop this into conversations any chance I get), I used to be an Irish Dancer. There's not a drop of Irish in my blood, but for a hyperactive child in the 4th grade, it seemed like a good idea to my mom to get me involved in something so high-energy.

I danced and competed for a little over six years before hanging up my ghillies and hard shoes to pursue high school cross country. Truthfully, Irish dance seemed to be more of a social activity for me and I rarely practiced outside of class, so subbing it with running made sense and was a better trade: where I only had two dance classes with my friends each week, cross country was every afternoon, most weekends and I got to run with my high school friends. What I didn't realize was how much I love dance and movement and music and choreography, and now in "adulthood," 99% of my runs are solo so I'm not even getting the social aspect of it anymore.

Senior year of high school, I took a partner dance class with an incredible group of fellow seniors. Ballroom dancing, if you've never tried it, is insanely fun and I loved it. If I could take partner/theatre/ballroom dance for the rest of my life, I would jump at the chance.

Cut to today, and as ridiculous as it may sound, I've been watching Dancing with the Stars fairly regularly the past few seasons and it reminds me how much fun can be had on a dance floor and just pulls at my heart strings how much I miss dance.

I digress. I started Googling this week and found a dance studio in Atlanta that is exactly what I was looking for to feed my dancing needs. It's called Dance101 and they offer 110 classes each week, covering any type of dance you can imagine and they even have beginner "Discovery" classes where you learn the basics and get a great workout all at the same time.

Point of this story: I've decided to not sit around missing something I love when I have the chance to pick it up so easily. I'm done thinking I missed out on an opportunity - who says you can't learn dance in your [mid-]twenties? It can be done and it will be done.

Running (and workout) breakdown:
Monday: 4.5 miles
Wednesday: 4.5 miles + "Jazzitude" dance class
Friday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: 5.5 miles
Sunday: Hip Hop dance class

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