Monday, October 22, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week Four (and a bump in the road)

I really love the side of this chicken coup at my sister's house - it's basically ombre, right?

Well, week four happened and came with two twists. For the first, I'll just go ahead and get it out there: I have to pick a new marathon. Eek! Gasp! The horror!

Before you call me a quitter and go judging my A, you might remember that I originally signed up for the Disney Marathon because I had a good friend who was also running the race. Unfortunately, she is no longer able to run it and that left me going to the race alone.

I thought long and hard about my options. I could go alone and run the race, which in the end really wasn't an option because I did a half alone in March and it was miserable, or tempt a friend into going with me to watch (and cheer!) me on, but ultimately it just doesn't make sense. For one, I've said maybe a thousand times how much I hate running alone. This entire training process (all three weeks of it) has been solo runs, minus maybe two with my roommate, because my friend lives in Athens and even coordinating weekend runs is hard when at least an hour of driving is involved. Secondly, the timing of the Disney Marathon just wasn't great for me - not only will it be dark all the time in a few weeks, but I have several trips throughout the next few months that will heavily interfere with training (I'm looking at you, Amsterdam and NYC).

Don't get me wrong: I still want to do a marathon. It's been on my list for almost a year now (along with nameless other things). I just think I need to do a little more research and planning next time.

Anyone want to do one with me next year?

The other twist came in the form of an early 8 lb. 6 oz bundle of adorable. Little Ramsey Thomas was slated to arrive on Thursday, which meant I'd get 2-3 runs in before heading up to help babysit my niece, but the little man arrived unannounced at 4:19 PM on Tuesday, which meant I had to drop everything and go.

What I'm saying is, I did zero runs last week. That's right: zero. But I mentioned after week three that I was getting shin splints, so the rest has helped. Shin splints are the worst! I could literally touch my shins lightly and was in pain. I did a lot of icing and that seemed to help, but I'll go ahead and attribute my recovery primarily to rest.

To summarize, I'm looking for a new marathon in 2013 and a marathon buddy in Atlanta. In the meantime, I'll just be here enjoying the fall weather, visiting the babies as much as possible and probably baking and crafting a lot in preparation for Christmas.

Joined my Buckhead Church gathering group for pumpkin carving, but in true Flowers are Lovely fashion, opted for paint and glitter instead


  1. California Internation. It's in Sacramento in December, so great weather, and its like 300ft net downhill. I might run that next year, and in the least I'd spectate

    1. Hmm that would be fun, but doesn't really help with the timing thing. I'd still be training in the dark. Isn't there a SF one in June?