Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween, DIY Style (Part 1)

If you can believe it, Halloween isn't normally my thing. Sure, costumes are fun...but they're also daunting. It's a lot of work to make a really killer 'stume and takes a lot of planning, a weakness of mine I've documented on several occasions here on Flowers are Lovely.

Last Halloween was really the first year in a while that I put together a costume - and I'm not talking "put together" like my college years where I would grab a pair of leggings, something sparkly and maybe some feline ears on a headband if I was feeling creative. Last year I assembled a tutu and went as a star of Toddlers and Tiaras, which by the way is awful and I've only watched enough clips to understand the premise of the show for the sole purpose that I could rightfully wear my costume.

Anyway. It could be that I rarely have Halloween plans and find it hard to motivate myself to dress up, but this year is different. Not only do I have a costume party to attend, but I have an idea. An idea, y'all! And it's culturally relevant!

Have you guessed it yet? I think the glitter spray is the real kicker.

An Olympic gymnast! Specifically probably McKayla Maroney so that I can make this face all night (some things never get old).

I picked up a bodysuit from the only place one buys bodysuits (American Apparel, duh), then grabbed rhinestones, fabric glue, glittery spray and purple ribbon for my medal ("my" medal...?).

This process was understandably painstakingly slow and meticulous. I placed the rhinestones on the suit first and then went back and brushed on the glue with a thin hard/dried out paintbrush.

I was looking at this picture of Aly Raisman and while I'm clearly taking a few liberties with the design, I wanted to keep the star shape. The cutout above actually served no purpose and did not help whatsoever.

I still have some rhinestone work on the sleeves and possibly more on the front and then I need to make my gold medal, but for now I sleep.

P.S. Why is red so hard to photograph?

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