Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY: Beaded Things

I wasn't exactly sure what to call this post. Beaded shoulders seemed too limiting because really, you can bead just about anything. You can bead so many things, you actually should just abandon all that you formerly knew about the noun "bead" and switch on over to the verb version "to bead" instead.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to embellish a shirt. I had no specific shirt in mind, just any shirt that needed embellishing. And since I didn't own a shirt that was yearning for some glam, I did the only thing that seemed natural and went to Nordstrom Rack where I found a plain, jewel tone shirt for $15 and pulled out my bead collection (which is rather large and impressive, if I do say so myself).

All you do is thread a needle (preferably with thread that matches your shirt or whatever object you're beading) and sew the beads down in any order - or disorder - of your choosing. It really is that simple. Trust me on this one. One tip: I knotted the thread off every few beads, though, just in case the thread breaks. This way, only a few beads fall off instead of a whole line. Can you say easily repairable? Can you also say now-must-be-hand-washed-forever-more?

 Plain shirt from Nordstrom Rack

Now, this is a very, very basic example I have here. It's a good place to start and now that I'm finished, I already have my mind set on making a dozen more in varying styles. For example, what if I got a long sleeve shirt and beaded some gold cuffs? Or what about a long, beaded vertical stripe down the front or back? I might even do another shoulder-beaded shirt with fifteen times more beads all tightly nestled in together. I might even bead a pillow, which actually was the plan when I made all the pillows for my apartment, but I got sidetracked (surprise) and never got around to it.

Point being: bead away, dear friends. Bead until your heart's content. Bead while you watch TV (I recommend Happy Endings reruns until the new season starts later this month, or SNL since I will always be a fan). Bead listening to music or watching Monday Night Football or eating a bowl of ice cream. It's certainly an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your wardrobe.

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