Monday, September 24, 2012

Marathon Monday

I've done a foolish thing.

It all started a few months ago when I was feeling particularly "blah" about my current state. I hadn't been keeping up with running and, coupled with my recent gym membership cancellation, I needed something to motivate me. A goal, perhaps. And that's when I got the idea - the kind of idea that I told myself for the past 24 years I would never do - to run a marathon.

To start, I scoured running and race sites alike looking for a marathon in the next few months (because of course I was simultaneously reading up on marathon training and determined that I needed approximately 16 weeks to get up to speed). Atlanta wasn't an option because who wants to run a marathon where the majority of the training happens? Not me. No way.

Over the following days, I kept up my search efforts until finally realizing that going to another city alone to run a marathon is not only depressing but boring. Enter my good friend Morgan, who just so happens to be running the Walt Disney World Marathon in January with her aunt. Now, you should know that I have never been to Disney (I know, I know!), so this idea made sense. Morgan extended the invite on a Friday afternoon and I gave myself a "few days" to decide.

Cut to earlier that day, I had ordered this book and it arrived on my doorstep looking all smug. Literally within minutes of talking to Morgan, I was ripping open the package and staring down at its white pages filled with marathon training secrets and tips. Instantly I felt inspired and found myself on the phone with Morgan hearing myself tell her I had registered for the marathon.


Here I am, finally at day one of my training. Coincidentally, it starts with a day of rest and now that I can do. Overall, though, I'm feeling rather nervous. There are a few challenges I'm anticipating:

-Thanksgiving week: I'll be in Amsterdam and I find it hard to believe I'll be running on the reg...
-Fall backward: with the end of daylight savings comes the beginning of very dark mornings and evenings this winter. I'm going to have to figure out when I can (safely) run since the majority of my training will be alone.
-Cold: I hate the cold. More than the cold, though, I hate running in the cold. Bless my little ears!

And so begins a series on Flowers are Lovely called "Marathon Monday" where I attempt to post a summary of my training weeks each Monday on my much-needed day of rest. I'm hoping this holds me somewhat accountable seeing as I wouldn't to disappoint the tens of readers my little blog gets each week (er, month, but who's counting?).

Happy running, folks!