Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chocolate Caramel Cup(cheese)cakes

Enough about running.

This weekend I got in the kitchen and baked a Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake, making my list of Deb's cheesecakes I've tried at number three. Yes, there's a list. And no, it did not disappoint.

I threw in a little twist, though, as I needed to make a cupcake version for my boss's birthday and a Sunday bruncheon (did I just make that up or do people say that?) that ultimately got cancelled. Oh well, more cheesecake for me. Am I right? This was my first attempt at cup(cheese)cakes and let me say: it was a wise choice. I love cheesecake, but dare I say sometimes (just sometimes, people) a whole slice is just too much for me. This is the perfect portion, in my opinion.

My only major deviations from the recipe came at the end. On its own, this cheesecake is great. But what is already sweet I say make sweeter. I whipped up a chocolate ganache using 1 part heavy cream to 1.25 parts semisweet chocolate and oh. my. cup(cheese)cake.

 All great recipes start with a tower of Milk's Favorite Cookies (minus their centers) - I doubled the crust recipe which equates to about two sleeves of Oreos

 Oops, cookie break

Anytime I open chocolate from foil, I wonder if I'll get the golden ticket

I've never had a problem with caramel-making, but this caramel recipe was particularly difficult to follow so I sort of improvised by adding some water, cranking up the heat and stirring a lot, though stirring is not advisable (not my rules)

From caramel to chocolate caramel to chocolate sour cream caramel to chocolate sour cream cream cheese caramel (note my use of the improper Kitchen Aid attachment; use the beater, not the whisk!)

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