Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hanging Mobile for the Hydrangea Playroom

Hydrangea shot so as to improperly illustrate the color of this playroom, which is certainly not pink hydrangea

My sister and her husband have this strange habit of making big purchases/undertaking stressful projects the moments preceding the birth of their children. The first time around was a vet in another town from where they lived and this time they've gone and bought a house that will be move-in ready approximately three hours before their second little one arrives into the world.

Ok, ok - that is somewhat of an exaggeration. It'll be ready soon(ish), but as I can hardly imagine lifting a finger after a particularly filling meal, I can only imagine how my sister, at 7.5 months pregnant, feels about having anything to do with renovating a home or unpacking.

Regardless, the progress continues and last week discussions around what colors to paint each room began. One conversation went something exactly like this:

Betsy: "What color should I paint the playroom?"
Lucy: "Oooh! You should do like a hydrangea color...something in the neighborhood of light blue with a hint of purple. I mean, when else can you paint a room hydrangea?"
Betsy: "No."

Now cut to just the other day:

Betsy: "We painted the playroom that hydrangea color you picked out!"
Lucy: ...crickets...

At the end of the day, at least my supreme taste in paint colors was recognized, if not initially. By nature, the room is a sunroom and I maintain that hydrangea + light = beautiful.

Moving on.

I've been tasked voluntold to make a hanging mobile for the hydrangea playroom. Naturally I have since been scouring the Internet for ideas, finding preliminary inspiration in the following photos (not shockingly, mostly from Etsy). I'm hoping to at least start this project over the weekend, but let's get real - I have over a month to procrastinate and coupled with having no creative direction whatsoever, I'll probably be taking my time.

These felt mobiles are adorable! Sheer talent. And patience...that's a lot of stitches. I might save this idea for another project I had for some handmade toys. But I love it.

Butterflies aren't really on the table since baby #2 is a boy, but I really like how the light looks coming through translucent paper and seeing as this is a sunroom, I will pocket that idea thankyouverymuch.

This looks easy enough and I like the colors, though not for the hydrangea room.

Again, no butterflies needed but I like the idea of the circle even if that wire looks like a cluster waiting to happen.

 Couldn't resist an ombré mobile, now could I?

Birds! That is all.

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