Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Food: Los Angeles, 2nd Edition

After the better part of three days being filled with back-to-back meetings in LA, Saturday came as a relief and finally an opportunity to meet up with some friends and family. My first trip to LA came and went without a chance to see much of the city, but this time was just the opposite. Not only did I see my cousin again, but an old friend from my alma mater gave me the quintessential tour of all things LA.

Miles and miles driven (and run) around the city and five 60-glorious-degree, humid-free mornings later, I finally understand what everyone sees in the City of Angels: incredible weather, beautiful landscapes, endless entertainment and great food (well, that was obvious after my last trip).

Speaking of great food, there might be nothing I love more than a build-your-own ice cream sandwich shop. Ok, I might love a someone-else-builds-your-own ice cream sandwich shop more, which is just what Diddy Riese in Westwood is famous for. Nothing says summer quite like a scoop (or two) of ice cream stuffed between the interracial marriage of two cookies (yes, you can mix and match cookies - hooray!). And all for the cool price of $1.75 (including tax). Talk about a bargain.

Candy chocolate chip cookie + chocolate white chocolate chip cookie + accidental butter pecan ice cream that should have been chocolate chip, but hey - maybe they thought it was too many chips. Agree to disagree.

What actually came before the ice cream sandwich was another build-your-own experience but this time featuring meat, more meat and bacon at The Counter in Marina del Ray. Now, I don't pick these places, people. I just go where I am told (or, in this case, driven, because I had no choice). And most unfortunately, I didn't love this burger joint.

Maybe it's just my unyielding infatuation with Yeah! Burger in Atlanta. Or maybe it has something to do with the amount of choices I have to make to order a not-so-perfect burger. Of course I am aware that bacon (or bacon jam), cheese and avocados are always the right choice, but then there's the sauce. And the other toppings. It's just too many decisions for a girl, y'all.

If I were just writing about The Counter, I would have probably gone with the more apt title of "So-So Food: Los Angeles Edition," but who would read that?

Sweet potato fries and a chipotle aioli sauce - pretty good. 

Sad but true, the fried pickles were not great. For one, the batter was super thick, but more importantly it is in my humble opinion that fried pickles should be served with ranch. And that's coming from someone who doesn't eat ranch on the reg. Maybe leave the fried pickles to the South, ok?

It does look pretty, at least.

The esteemed verdict of my 19-year-old cousin who likely eats Ramen on weekdays (ah, to be young): eyes-closed-it's-that-good. Go figure.

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