Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY: Papier-Mâché Taxidermy, Part 2


In a rather uncharacteristic move for a poster child of attention deficit disorder, Sr. Fox is complete after merely two days of taping and mâché-ing and painting. Well, complete save for attaching some sort of apparatus to get him up on the wall. Notably, it's rare that a project takes me as little time as this because my ill-named "disorder" (I see ADD as a personality-enhancing trait, y'all) sets in and I instead decide to make a necklace or take a nap or eat some ice cream I know, I'll make some ice cream! and I'll need to buy an ice cream maker and where is my vanilla? and how is frozen yogurt made? but cheese dip also sounds good and maybe I should call my mom and do you see where I'm going with this?

The last project I finished so quickly was my weaving and that was because I was cooped inside all weekend with a cold. Let's not even talk about my tray - that one took weeksliterally, weeks - after a spray-paint-meets-lacquer malfunction.

I digress.

One minor change to note: "Sr. Fox" didn't seem, shall we say, chummy enough, so I've taken to calling him Javier* because he so fox-y. And so commence all fox-related humor that, like all good jokes, will. never. get. old. 

The second part of this project was quite fun. I stirred up some flour and water (filed under: times I use the Kitchen Aid when absolutely unnecessary), forgot to add a pinch of salt to protect Javier from mold, cut some strips of newspaper and got to work.

About two to three layers of newspaper strips will do

Completely dry and mold-free 

After a littler over 24 hours of drying, I mixed my paints and brought Javier to..."life." At this stage, you can also sand down uneven areas if needed. I'm obviously an experienced papier-mâché-er so that was not really an issue. I kid, I kid. I actually prefer the ribbed-look.

White beard and orange furz

Paperclips make for fantastic whiskers

This was easily the hardest part in the making of Javier - that papier-mâché makes for tough skin! Oh and definitely add the little whisker-holes as I ignorantly call them...what would that be called? Pores is wrong. Follicles?

Gave him some wooden bead eyes, painted the whiskers black and voila! 

By the way, do you think Javier should have a mustache? Only on special occasions, you say? He can also obviously wear hats according to season/holiday once he's on the wall. I like the idea of a warm and snuggly Javier in the winter or maybe he wants to bring bonnets back (fedoras are so last season). Perhaps he'll go through a rebellious stage and pierce an ear - these things I just don't know. A pirate eye patch? Of course I will do my best parenting him and I'll send him to the all best schools. So far he's only a teensy bit sneaky but a bad apple is a bad apple is a bad apple and you just never know.

*Editor's note: I also made sure to check on the status of foxes in Spain because naturally things needed to make geographical sense for my paper fox and as it turns out those little buggers are the most common carnivore in Spain. The things I learn everyday.


  1. LOVE this. P.S. I am obsessed with your blog.

    1. Oh girl, I am obsessed with YOU. Let's get together soon and do something that people who live in Atlanta do. Picnic in the park?

  2. I'm impressed. Very nice paper mache! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Dan! Checked out your website and I obviously have a LOT of catching up to do - your have mad skills!