Saturday, July 14, 2012

So Vogue

It's been weeks since I mentioned I was itching to paint something. Weeks. But I have finally finished! It all started late one night when I just couldn't sleep (I trust you know those nights). I was lying in bed thinking, thinking, thinking - of nothing in particular, really - until I finally got up and put my unrest to use. That night, I painted from three until five in the morning and then worked sporadically for the next few weeks to finish.

Inspiration for this piece came from my roommate's In Vogue book. It's a lovely photo of a model walking through what I presume to be streets somewhere in Spain or Latin America (no photo explanation in the book). I used a piece of waferboard because I liked the texture and, added bonus, my dad had a piece laying around. 

We needed something bright in this corner and though I originally picked yellow, I ultimately went with more orange. Naturally, as expected here on Flowers are Lovely, ombre was successfully incorporated (more ombre can be seen here and here).

I like how it turned out minus a few oddities like her finger, foot and that hat. Plus, we're just so Vogue around here.

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