Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good Food: St. Simons

{Margarita, Corona & Backyard Lemonade Cocktail}

It's true: I'm a sucker for seafood at the beach. For all foods fried. For a sweet summer cocktail. Last week in St. Simons, I was able to get my hands on all of these things at Gnat's Landing, The Crab Trap and Southern Soul BBQ (sadly not pictured). It's a wonder I am still able to move after everything we ate - but it was well worth it and I can hardly be patient for another beach trip to come along.

{I don't even know where to start! Vidalia onion dip, fried green tomatoes & friend pickles}

{Seafood platter + sweet potato fries}

{Grilled veggies, because we're healthy around these parts} 

{Oysters on the half shell}

{Crab soup}

{Blackened mahi mahi & crab cakes}

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