Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Fabric Garland

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Disclaimer: You'll have to excuse the photos on this post. After two months with the DSLR, you've of course come to expect a standard here on the blog - I'm sure. And really, once you go DSLR, you don't go back. Unless your sister is in China/South Korea with your precious camera, and then I guess you do. Temporary, folks. DLSR will be back next week!

Moving on. As I mentioned here, garland is just one of those things I can't get enough of. My roommate and I have been most uneasy with the empty space above the TV since we settled into our apartment. But what do you put above a TV? Framed artwork is too much. Mirrors are distracting. While we love our cumulus cloud paint, a giant empty spot of it just doesn't really do the trick. That really left us with one option: garland. After researching, pinning and dreaming, we chose the style we liked and got right down to business.

You'll need quite a bit of fabric. Nothing outrageous, but we chose an unlucky 13 fabric types and bought 1/4 yard of each. Actually, we had a few solid remnant scraps in the mix as well, but alas they weren't as photogenic.

Cut your fabric into strips about an inch wide and, depending on the length you want your garland, about a foot long. You're going to fold the fabric over on the twine, so you'll cut it twice as long as you want it to hang. We used regular scissors and pinking shears to add a bit of texture to the fabric.

Measure out some twine and, if you're like us, tie it to objects in your apartment once your arms get tired. And tired they will get. Trust.

Fold each strip in half, wrap around the twine and pull the ends through the top folded part (if you have a better way to explain that, please enlighten me! I have no idea how to put that into words).


Keep going. This part took the longest because we kept pushing the strands closer together so that the finished product would look full.

Hang your garland! You may have to trim some stray ends if they're too long, but overall I like the uneven look.

Re-hang your garland because it's probably uneven.

Ta-da! I couldn't be happier with the finished product. It looks festive when you walk into our apartment and I'm always up for a celebration. I'm already thinking of different fabrics we could use throughout the year according to the season or holiday.


Hey, look! A better picture:

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  1. Love it!!!!!!!! Best post yet! Even better that the "before" picture is so sucky muahaha. Only nitpicky point is... we didn't buy a "1/4 year of fabric" ;)