Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY: Jewel Tone Chairs

I picked up two purple chairs at an estate sale a few weekends ago as part of my plan to replace the red chairs in my current apartment (I may bleed red and black, but when it comes to decorating I can't get away from it fast enough). While for the most part they were in great shape (minus some light cleaning), they needed a little something extra - that za za zoo, if you will. Since the legs were a bit scratched, I first considered sanding down and staining them until I remembered a barely-touched jar of gold paint sitting idly by that would give them just the glitzy touch they needed. Coupled with the new pillows I've made in yellowy gold, light turquoise and purple, I now refer to them as my "jewel tone chairs." Added bonus: they'll compliment my DIY gold and white striped tray in the living room quite nicely!

{Legs before}

 {Sanded-down legs}

{After two coats of gold paint} 

{All painted-up}

{Finished product}

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