Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY: Gold & White Striped Tray

My week between jobs is off to a rather productive start. After two failed attempts at recreating this tray (one spray paint malfunction followed by an effort to salvage the destruction), I am finally finished. I mentioned before that I planned to use it for the dining room table, but it looks much more at home on the coffee table. The project overall was very easy, but here are some tips I am more than happy to share so that others might avoid the errors of my ways.

1. Always sand any wood piece that has a clear finish. I knew this yet still took a shortcut with the first tray and the spray paint reacted with the finish. The bubbly texture it caused looked really cool, but was unfortunately splotchy and not uniform.

2. Spray paint works much better with the taping method than regular paint. I tried this Martha Stewart paint on the first tray (round two), but found that the spray paint yielded a much cleaner look.

3. Spray the almost-finished product with a clear gloss so the gold spray doesn't rub off.

{Taped off}

{Felt bottom so it won't scratch anything)

{Finished product}

{Still sad about it - this tray had metal handles I sprayed gold} 


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