Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY: Gallery Wall (Part 1)

In about three weeks I'll be moving into a new apartment in Atlanta. A gallery wall is something I've wanted for a while now and with all the extra wall space I'll have in my new room, I was more than excited to get to work.

I picked up clearance frames at Target along with a few cheap ones from Ikea (about $15 total - still hoping to find a few circle frames at Goodwill this week) then chose three shades of blue spray paint to create a sort of ombré effect. I spent one afternoon this week spray painting and even threw in an old lamp base for good measure. To fill the frames, I'm thinking I'll print some photos from Costa Rica and try to find various-sized mirrors, old wallpaper and maybe some swatches of fabric. I'll post pictures in a few weeks once I hang the wall, most likely using Molly's technique from her blog The Nesting Game.

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