Monday, March 5, 2012

Costa Rica: Selva Bananito

Our second stop in Costa Rica was Selva Bananito Lodge, an eco-lodge hidden among a thousand acres of rain forest. This lodge was by far the most educational of our trip; the owner is a German man named Jürgen whose grandfather bought the land back in the seventies with plans to tear it all down. Fortunately, Jürgen and his sister convinced their grandfather to keep the land intact and build the lodge instead. He now juggles running the lodge and patrolling for illegal hunters, a sad reality of owning land in Costa Rica (the government can only go so far with rain forest conservation due to a lack of resources).

At Selva, we rode horses and took a three and a half hour nature hike in the depths of the rain forest where we saw more plants than I knew existed, taller trees than anything I've ever seen and more spiders than I care to remember. The photos we took on the walk are quite beautiful, filled with lush green leaves and spots of sunshine through the trees. With every shot I took, I imagined it hanging in my room as part of a green and blue collage on the wall behind my TV and now I cannot wait to buy some frames.

{Pretty pink flowers - a bright contrast to all the green everywhere}

{Canela (Cinnamon) & Cacique (Chief)} 

{Lots of reading in our hammocks} 

{Strawberry poison dart frog - I'm told they're only poisonous to humans if eaten (ick)} 

{Lovely greenery}

{Evening sunset in phases}

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  1. I'm so jealous you saw a poison dart frog!! I looked EVERYWHERE for them while I was there!!!