Thursday, March 29, 2012

Costa Rica: Pozo Azul

{Scott ziplining like a boss}

It's rather unbelievable that our Costa Rica trip ended over a month ago. Since my return and first three posts, I have hardly had a chance to sit down and finish up blogging about our last stop. Alas, such is life in advertising.

Meanwhile, back in blog land: our last stop was Pozo Azul, a fun camp-like ranch where we did a canopy tour and got in some much needed sun (arguably too much judging by the intense burn I brought home). The staff at Pozo was friendly and more than accommodating, as evident by the receptionist who guided us on a 15 minute hike to the swimming area after we got lost - alone in the forest, mind you - the first day.

Overall, we had a fantastic trip. Everyone was so hospitable, welcoming and we were showed a great time. We will definitely be planning another trip to Costa Rica and on the docket are the beach, Sloth Sanctuary and anywhere I can find a Tico Sour. Thank you, Costa Rica Tourism Board!

{Pozo Azul}

 {Our ever so quaint tent suite and, surprisingly, the first room where we had electricity}

{Watching a kayaker practice in the setting sun}

{View from our daily hangout spot} 

{Comfy accommodations}

{Super Skitty}


{Skitty and me pre-canopy tour}

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