Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things in my suitcase.

{Head lamp}

I used to love packing for a trip, but more recently trying to fill a suitcase with all the essentials is quite daunting - especially when you'll be in the rain forest for a week in places that apparently have no electricity. While the idea of not even being able to so much as think about drying my hair trumps any feelings of loss over not having a computer, it does present a challenge when filling up this suitcase of mine (hence the 12+ hours I spent on-and-off packing today). Here are a few things that will be making the trek with me to Costa Rica. See you in a week!

{Lots of Nike Dri Fit clothes for rain forest excursions}

{Rain gear, obviously, but also beach wear}

{Books, devotionals & games for downtime - especially excited to finish The Memory Keeper's Daughter}

{An absurd amount of toiletries}


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  1. Hi Lucy,
    We are going on the same trip in 1 month. I am packing lots of light weight & Dryfit type clothing. Plenty of Ultrathon, etc. I'm glad I saw your "snacks" idea. Anything else you can recommend since you'd been there? I'd love any tips! Lisa email: