Monday, January 2, 2012

A Happy New Year


2011 was filled with a lot of blessings but also a great loss. Today I'm feeling especially thankful for the health and safety of all my loved ones, two legs that get me through many long runs, a job I love and a heavenly father that loves me dearly. Admittedly, new years resolutions are generally not my forte, but looking back on this past year I'm feeling especially inspired to take on some big goals. Consider it a refresh of sorts - including this blog and my Etsy shop. May this year be filled with love, health, lots of crafting and many more blessings. Stay tuned, friends, and happy new year!

{First sewing machine project + flower belt - my new specialty}

(Georgia-inspired chunky necklace)

{Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving - PR by 12 minutes!}

{BFW, forever loved and remembered}

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